About Us - The Eat With Verve Clinic

image The Eat With Verve Clinic is dedicated and passionate about the restoration, maintenance and promotion of good health.

Your body is a wonderful thing! When it's working well, possibilities are endless and life can be a pleasure. But life itself can take a real toll on our amazing bodies. Stress, mental and physical tiredness, anxiety, poor nutrition, pollution, environmental toxins, disease, injuries, natural life events like pregnancy and menopause, and genetic pre-dispositions are just some of the things we can encounter. It's no wonder then that sometimes, things can go wrong.

Here at the Clinic we specialise in optimisation of the gut microbiome. Your unique treatment plan will be drawn up following a full clinical assessment, which may involve advanced laboratory testing and DNA sequencing of your gut microbiota. Recent medical research has linked the poor state of the human microbiome to an ever increasing list of non-gut related, often serious, disorders. You can read more about your microbiome here and how it impacts on almost all aspects of our lives. Getting your microbiome to work it's magic for you is our first priority, and your first step on the ladder to feeling yourself again!

Every woman knows that one day she will experience the menopause. You know what to expect: your mother and grandmother before you both went through it, as will our daughters and their daughters too. But knowing what will come and having to go through it whilst trying to carry on as normal is a completely different matter. For some, symptoms are mild, perhaps with an occasional hot flush, or some weight gain over your tummy. But for others symptoms and the effects they have can be so debilitating as to be life chainging. And all this comes just as we reach our prime! To understand more about the menopause, and some of the effects it can have, see here.

The menopause should never be an obstacle for any woman in reaching her goals and achieving her aspirations. And it doesn't have to be! We will work with you and your lifestyle to balance your hormones in a way which is right for you. Feel at home in your body again and start to enjoy life to the full!


Hazel Harrison DipION mBANT mCNHC

Hazel is the Clinic Director at Eat with Verve. She is a Nutritional Therapist with almost twenty years of clinical experience and is a specialist in the gut microbiome, the vaginal microbiome, female hormone health and the menopause.

As well as seeing patients in clinic, Hazel gives regular lectures, and hosts workshops where she is passionate about her subject and passing on information.

Hazel has recently published a book, 'Eat With Verve....feed your family, feed your gut' This is a cookery book with a difference! It contains a wealth of information on the gut microbiome and general nutrition, and over 130 delicious, easy to make recipes, which are designed to feed you, your family, and your gut too!

Filming for a series to accompany the book will begin in the Spring of 2020.