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What is the gut microbiome?
This is the general term used to describe the collection of bacteria which live in the colon.

Why is the gut microbiome important?
We have evolved together with these bacteria throughout human history and they are vital to our health. As well as being an important feature of the gasrointestinal tract they influence our brain health, our imunne health, our hormonal health, and our nutritional status. The gut microbiome is so important it can be considered and organ in it's own right.

Why do you recommend eating '40 a week' instead of '5 a day'?
Variety! We often find that people are eating the same five fruit and vegetables each day, but it is the diverse range of fibre and polyphenols found in different fruits, vegetable, nuts, seed, grains, beans and lentils that feeds a greater range of beneficial bacteria, leading to a healthy gut microbiome. See here for more details.

Why do I sometimes feel bloated?
Some bloating is normal after mealtimes, but if you feel bloated most of the time this would not be normal, and would require investigation.

Why do I have gas?
Gas that goes down (a fart) is usually caused by excessive fermentation of food by the bacteria which live in the colon. Small amounts of wind is considered to be normal.

Gas that comes up (a burp) is caused by gas which is produced in the stomach escaping through the oesophogeal sphincter. This can be caused by eating too quickly or by having too much or too little stomach acid.

How often should I poo?
Everybody should have at least one bowel movement each day. 2 to 3 times is normal for some people but more often than this, particularly if there is urgency, should be investigated. If you frequently experience constipation lasting for more than 48 hours this may also require treatment.

Can you treat the symptoms of the menopause?
Yes! There are many diet and lifestyle factors which can help as well as some specific supplements. Hormones are very complex which is why it's best to seek professional guidance. See here for more information.

Do phytoestrogens ease the symptoms of the menopause?
Phytoestrogens found in plants like soy and flax can have a weak oestrogenic effect. However, it is the action of beneficial gut bacteria on these foods which produces a stronger oestrogenic effect, which may be beneficial.

What is the vaginal microbiome?
This is the general term used to describe the collection of bacteria normally found in the vagina. See here for more information.

Why is the vaginal microbiome important?
A healthy microbiome produces an acidic environment which inhibits pathogenic yeasts and bacteria. This can help to protect your reproductive organs. See here for more information

Should I take a vitamin D supplement?
Due to the lack of strong sunlight in th Northern hemisphere Public Health England recommends that we should all take a vitamin D supplement in the winter. This is best utilised in the body when taken as a spray or drops.